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Hi there, I have a frustrating build up of phlegm and mucus in my throat that for the last month has caused me to hack and cough constantly. I have been to my GP who doesn't know the cause and is sending me to a specialist at the end of December.
I understand that these people always have long wait times and usually I wouldn't mind but my biggest problem is I'm a singer and this constant hacking has caused my voice to go hoarse and crack a lot. I'm suffering real depression because the one thing I love to do, I can't do. I've even been offered singing work this past week that i've had to turn down due to this.

My main question is will my voice survive another month of this? I'm worried I may be permanently damaging it every time I get a bad attack and have to aggressively clear the phlegm.
If by some miracle the doctor can cure this will my voice be able to heal? I'm honestly terrified that this is the end of my singing career.

thanks so much for helping me.

p.s I don't smoke, drink alcohol and I've cut back on my dairy since i got this - just in case you were wondering. Smile
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replied November 20th, 2012
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I think your voice will be back if you rest that. drinks some medicine to lessen the phlegm. just go to your trusted doctor.
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