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Throat muscle pain

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I am a 39 yo male with the following symptoms:

Pain in the front and sides of my throat muscles (no sore throat).
Started on or about July 18th.
No sinus drainage.
Feel the need to salivate, similar to just before throwing up. No nausea, but I feel similar to how I feel just before I do throw up...
Pain is low grade maybe a 2-3 on a 10 scale.
No fever.
Currently taking the following medications: Cephelexin (sp) for an infection on a cut on my toe (healed up in a few days, still taking medicine until complete. Take Vicodin and Naproxen for knee pain on occasion.
Throat pain started BEFORE I began to take the antibiotics.
Pain in my neck increases when I inhale sharply through my nose and the muscles contract.
Pain is not getting worse, but not getting better either.
Lymph nodes are not swollen.
Does not hurt to move my jaw or chew or swallow.

No other symptoms I can think of, please ask if I might have overlooked something.

Thank you!
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