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Throat feels tight, exhausted when I speak?

For a longer period of time, since about late January, I have had this feeling of a tight throat. I feel like I am having difficulties getting enough air by my throat like it is too small somehow. One of my lymph nodes just below the jaw on the left side has also been swollen since then. I have seen several doctors and they all say it's nothing - but to me it is a big deal..

I am 27 and I have never tried to smoke before and generally lived a healthy life so far with lots of exercise. When the problem began I had an x-ray of my thorax but apparently it showed nothing unusual, it also feels like my lungs are fine and that the problem is in the throat area. I was told it was all in my head but psychologists says that they see nothing wrong with me. I feel out of breath when I speak but I can easily do sports and hard exercise without feeling the same thing?

Tight feeling throat.
Swollen lymph node under jaw, left side.
Tickling sensation in throat - tiny amounts of clear'ish mucus if I cough hard. (No cough otherwise).
Sore below the Adams apple on the right side.

No wheezing (that I can hear) and I bike everyday for 11 km everyday full speed without any breathing difficulties. I simply do not understand what is going on :(

Any ideas?
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replied September 28th, 2014
I'm thinking it could some kind of allergy but my eyes or nose isn't running?
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