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Throat, coughing, flem, difficulty swallowing for a yr?

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Hi, for a year now i have been coughing a lot for unknown reasons.
Every morning i have to rinse my mouth out and constently spit out flem for a long period of time.
During the day i even have to do this.
Just this year have had difficulty swallowing any substances, this lasted a week. this problem has happened three times in the whole year.
Im not sure why im always coughing dor no reason and why i have to cough up so much flem... at first i thought : maybe its my toothpaste ; its not this: maybe its my diet, but that hasnt changed so im unsure why and would love for some answers......
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replied September 15th, 2013
Sounds to me like something I went through. I had a lot of Sinus Drainage and it was really thick. would hang in the back of my throat and felt like something was stuck in it. Your cough is your body's normal reaction anytime something foreign is not suppose to be there. So that part is good. Don't know if you've tried anything for the cough. DM is a good one. But you don't want to strangle on any drainage. :O Sounds like to me you need to see an Allergist. See what your allergic to, and avoid it. The difficulty swallowing.......... been there done that. That could Possible be something to do with Reflux. You can actually have trapped gas in your Esophagus and...well,....let me tell ya. YOU CAN'T Swallow till ya burp! Hope I could help you.
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