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Three week nausea, missed period, passed a blot clot, dizziness

For three weeks (nearing four) I have been experiencing nausea. During the second week I began to have abnormal dizzy spells where I would nearly faint doing the simplest task. (IE doing the dishes or brushing my teeth.)

During this time I have not had my period, so the thought of pregnancy was always there, but was it really connected to 24/h nausea and dizziness to that extent?

A few days ago, I suddenly began to bleed, rushed to the bathroom and passed a rather large blood clot, or so it looked. It was roughly the size of two pinky fingers in length, fairly thick, and a very deep red..almost like a sack. I assumed this was a miscarriage..I did not inspect it any further than that. I'm not sure what this was.

Since the clot was passed, the dizziness no longer makes me want to faint, though it still persists, and the nausea is getting increasingly worse. Though..when I do feel the need to "throw up", nothing comes out of my system.

Also, since then, the amount of time I sleep in one day/night has tripled. My boyfriend woke me up late this afternoon asking if I needed to go to the scared me a little so I kept telling him I'll just sleep it off.

I'm aware that I need to see a doctor, the only problem is that I have no family doctor, and simply going to a clinic will most likely result in, "oh, you probably just have the flu."

I'm going to try my luck at the clinic..but..I'm not sure what else I can do.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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replied October 13th, 2010
After a new tests, it turns out I am pregnant after all.
Though it is an ectopic pregnancy.
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