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Three testicles

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I have two normal testicles, except there is a smaller one attached to my normal one. The third testicle is half the size of the normal ones. I have read some forums and they say i should go to a doctor, is this necessary? I also wonder if im approaching puberty slower than normal. I have seen some of my friends and they seem to have more pubic hair and a larger penis than me. Does this have anything to do with my third testicle?
I am really sensitive about my cruch region so i would rather only go to a doctor if really necessary.
Thank you
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First Helper JammyDodger

replied June 7th, 2010
That third testicle is called a toomer. Toomers are bad because they grow really fast and cause other problems. The toomer is probably growing instead of your penis. I would recommend that you go to a doctor only if you want to resolve these issues. If you don't care about testicle toomers then you have nothing to worry about.
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replied June 8th, 2010
HiJammy. Tuesday
I'm not a medic, but had a similar situation years ago. Sometimes the epididymis tubes leading from your testicles, one either side, can develop cysts. These can be like a bunch of small grapes. However one of these cysts can grow, and Yes! In my case it gave the impression of having three testicles.
First I saw the doctor, then a specalist. He explained 'We' needed to get it out! In due course when he returned from his visit to Lourdes - no connection to me! He was attending with a party of very sick folk.
I was operated on under general anesthetic and came round with a rather large waist bandage,
'Hell he's cut everything off!'
Was my immediate sleepy thought.
But no, this was for my protection.
Slowly I got my strength back, though not before 'trying to run before I could walk'
(inspite of his advice 'Take it easy.')
Any work,injury - small or extensive on your testicles is both worrying, hurts like hell & is physically draining.
BUT Sammy - Don't delay - Get along to your doctor FAST.
Though in UK we have a free national health service - this patient, saw his doctor day one, attended the specialist day two. Paid for the operation to be done privately very quickly. Rather expensive at the time, but worth it. Naturally very tender for ages even with a support.The lab report came back OK.
Cysts, tumors can grow very quickly at times, yet others lye dormant for tens of years.
If yours is now visible, then action is required fast.
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