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thought lymphocytes would increase during a viral infection?

Hey everyone,

So I recently had a fever which started at about 2am in the morning.When i woke up i decided to go to the hopsital, where i continued to have a high fever and chills for the rest of the day. The next day i felt fine.

A blood test was done at the hospital and most of it came back normal, HOWEVER, my lymphocyte count was really low at 0.3 (normal range 1.0-4.0). My monocyte count was also on the lower end at 0.3 (normal range 0.2-1.0). My C-reactive protein was high at 16 (normal 0-5).

The doctors said that it was probably due to virus but i thought lymphocytes would increase during a viral infection??

Is this typical of acute HIV?
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replied May 7th, 2012
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hi there

did you have any risk for HIV Because you wrote in HIV forum,and do u have any other symptoms beside fever and rigors?
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