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Thoracic pain at level T8-T9

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I was DIAGNOSIS: with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome in 2007, and had Bilateral surgery in 2008. My Question is since Thanksgiving day I have been having rib pain on my Left side, that travels to my mid back at T8-T9 area. I have been doing PT for a twisted rib on the left side, with Joint Mobilization/Manual Traction, Manual Therapy, Soft Tissue Mobilization, General Therapeutic Exercises, muscle Strengthening-Isotonic/Isometric/Isokineti c, Joint Mobility - Stretching/ROM. When they try to put T8-T9 back in place it wont go in and anything I do makes the pain worse. I have been in the ER with chest pains. nothing seems to help but the pain is getting worse. I had x-rays done last week and they say," Mild arthritic change within the thoracic spine." But my Therapist say it looks like there is something else there or I have a fracture. What would be the next step to take or what test would be best to see what is going on with my Thoracic spine?

Thanks for your help.
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replied February 11th, 2010
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hi kimberly
if your therapist suspects a fracture she should be communicating this to the surgeon. if in fact there is a fracture i would question how appropriate manipulation of the muscles would be. ask your therapist what communication shes had wih the dr. also you could talk to the surgeon about this or even get a second opinion...pete
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