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This is not even the only thing that is bothering me.

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Ok soo... MY fiance and I have been together for almost a year now. He is 22 and i am 18. We are getting married in 5 months. At first our sex life was going good... but now for some reason he is just not interested at all. I try everything possible. I go to bed naked, try talking dirty, wearing longerie, even grabbing him randomly. He always gives me some excuse.... Too tired, Stressed, dont feel like it, ect.

I really do not know what is going on. im only 115lbs and 5"2. So it shouldnt be my appearence. But, when we go to the mall, movies, dinner, ect. He is ALWAYS staring at other girls. I tried telling him that it hurts my feelings when he does that, but all he does it deny it. sldo, I think this is wayyy odd... My mom has this friend named breeanna. breeanna is 30 years old.. BUT for some reason. MY fiance keeps hitting on her whenever she is here, and he completely ignores me. Then... we were actually having sex one night, And he decides to tell me that he wishes my hair was long like breeannas. What is that supposed to mean?

Also when we do eventually have sex, He either goes soft very quickly, or he ejaculates 5 mins into it. And he doesnt even care anymore how i feel about it. This is not even the only thing that is bothering me. He is not interested in cuddling anymore, he wont even talk to me anymore, and when i ask him about it, he says we cuddle to much (wich we NEVER do), and that there is nothing to talk about. Also, He used to stay up and talk to me all the time, We would cuddle, laugh, play, kiss, ect. But now, All he wants to do is sleep. He comes home from work, eats, showers, and goes to bed.

He refuses to spend any time with me at all. And when we do go somewhere together, He is always focused on other things instead of me. And he used to want to stay home and spend time with me, now he is making excuses to get out of the house, he is even going as far as offering to go to the bars with my mom and her friends. And when his friends come over, He acts like i do not exist.

Is he bored? not attracted to me anymore? cheating? Im lost. I used to be really happy with this man. Now I am miserable. He doesnt even care. Can anyone help me with this? please?
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replied December 21st, 2011
"Im lost. I used to be really happy with this man. Now I am miserable. He doesnt even care."

I think you've just answered your own question.

Do not marry this man or you'll be very sorry and divorced by 19.
Immediately call off the wedding. Sometimes, with all the families wanting to get involved, the wedding is called off while in front of the preacher. Don't make this last-minute mistake. Take charge of your life now.
If living together, get your own place.
Let the dust settle to see how you feel in a year or so.
My guess is you are first lovers with a lot to learn.
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replied December 26th, 2011
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Your only 18, way to young to settle for what this guy is offering. Put off the wedding and give it a few years or you'll be divorced and 39 with two kids before you know it.
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replied January 18th, 2012
Yep. My advice would be to back off also. You don't want to end up going through a divorce, or worse yet, having a child or two and going through a divorce. You still have plenty of time. If it's going to work with this guy, waiting a year won't hurt.
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