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third Concussion in 15 year old,, vomiting 14 hrs

Concussion in 15 year old - My 15 year old daughter has had 3 concussions since she was 12 years old. The first was while riding a bike with no helmet - the chain fell off the bike & she went head first onto the concrete. The second was a year ago. She was playing soccer and collided with another player & went down & hit her head on the field. She went to the ER via squad and CT scan was normal. Next evening she began vomiting and we went back to the ER. She was admitted to the trauma unit for 3 days and appeared to recover ok. Now she suffered another concussion yesterday. Girl kicked the ball during a soccer game from very close to her and it hit her in the temple. She lost vision in her left eye. We went to the ER and they didn't scan her head but told us to watch her closely & follow up with family dr. in 1-2 days. Beginning last evening she started vomiting and has done so approx. 16 times between 10pm and noon today. We have a drs. appt. at 2:20 but when do we say enough is enough? Is there a helmet you can wear during soccer games? Maybe a soft one to distribute impact? OR do I just say you're done & deal with the depression that would be certain to follow. Any advise you can give would be most helpful. Thanks in advance.
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