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think i have schizophrenia, no family support

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Okay here are my symtoms: used to hear voices in my head as a child had REALLY bad nightmares of something getting me, as ive got older ive ony seen one dark figure and a dead female body, i have paranoid and upsetting delutions, ideas of reference, muddled thinking, ALL negative symptoms, loss of insight, antisocial (more than usual), Paranoid S: theres been 2 dominent voices a women telling me + a man warning me and i believe MI5 or secret police are spying on me, Disorganised S, clumsy and unco-ordinated, residual S, change in sleeping pattern, i showed positive symtoms when i was a child and early teens then 14 onwards ive slowly but surly been displaying all negative symptoms and disorganized thinking, lack of concentration etc, inside my head its lile theres more than one person of me atleast 4 but ive never had an episode where they have taken over, blackouts, its like im looking through glass and seeing everything but its so far and not really there, depression, its also like i KNOW what im talking about but i really dont think anyone else will understand as i do, the other say i remember doing something and what i cant distinguish is whether i dreamt it or not i remember doing it but its like a dream so im not sure this happens to me every now and again, i have some more but i cant remember, this is not all at once this is during the course of 14 years, it started when i was four and im now 18
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replied March 5th, 2012
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What family are you talking about exactly?

The human family?

Your supposed immediate family?

I don't see any family here do you?

Not going by the definition of the word family anyway. Change that word as well I suppose.

No one ever had "family" whatsoever.

No support, thats obvious, never has been for anyone.
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replied March 6th, 2012
I mean immediate family, i know people in this forum obvv most of them dont have family support, and im not trying to make out im a cut above the rest, im sorry if i came across as offensive im terrible at explaining things, the way i have it in my head and the way it comes out is different.
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