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Things You Need to Know Before Visiting a Marijuana Dispensary

Are you going to a Marijuana dispensary for the first time? We know first-time visitors to a Marijuana dispensary are often unsure of how to act. A first visit canbe overwhelming, intimidating, and even a bit confusing. There are many other clients in the dispensary who are at ease as they know exactly what they require. If you are one of the clients who are afraid of looking like a fool on your first visit to a Marijuana dispensary, we are here to explain you everything you need to know before visiting the dispensary for the first time.

Prove your Identity:Before entering a Marijuana dispensary, you will be asked to show youridentification. You must be 21 years of age to enter a Marijuana dispensaryin any state and you won't be allowed in if you do not have the proper identification. Also, if you are clearly over 21, the security guard still asks for your valid ID that includes driver's license, U.S. passport, or a military identification card. Don't worry if you are carrying an out-of-the-sate ID where weed is not legal, you can still purchase.

Be Prepared for Prices:Be prepared to put a little dent in your wallet as you enter the Marijuana dispensary. The smallest amount of Marijuana can cost you around $20 plus the taxes added. You can also do a little research prior buying as prices vary greatly between the dispensaries. Some Marijuana dispensaries also offer the first-time discountand if you are lucky, you can find one.

Payment by Cash:While many of the Marijuana dispensaries have started to accept payments by debit and credit cards, most of them still run on cash. Many banks do not accept credit or debit money as Marijuana is still not approved on a federal level. So, check before going to a Marijuana dispensaryif they accept cards or bring cash in beforehand. Also, make sure you get a little more cash than you think you will need as you might be underestimating the cost of your purchase.

No Consumption on Premises:Smoking Marijuana inside thedispensaries is strictly prohibited.In fact, smoking it in front of the building or in any other public indoor space also isn’t allowed.This leaves you with smoking in the comfort of your own home, which we realize can be a problem for tourists. Luckily, some hotels have found ways to accommodate smokers, so check with where you are staying before lighting up.

No Compulsion:After going through the products, you may feel like you actually do not want to purchase any Marijuana.Or, maybe the budtender is rubbing you the wrong way or they simply do not have the product you’re looking for. That’s ok.
Wrapping Up

We understand that Marijuana can be a somewhat confusing topic for those who are trying it for the first time. Hopefully, this guide can help you feel more prepared for your first trip to a Marijuana dispensary. Do shareyour experience with us in the comment section below.
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