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"things will get better"? No one truly cares.

It hurts. I just need to stop the pain. No one cares about the problems of others. People are quick to say things like "it's gonna be ok", or "things will get better", but no one truly cares. Ultimately, they end up saying, "what a shame", but really feel superior, and that's one less miserable person in the world.
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replied December 18th, 2015
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This is depression talking. I know, I've thought about it million times too in the past. People kept telling me there's hope but they don't know what I'm going through. But in therapy I learned that the only opinion that counts are those of who truly cares. It's not that difficult to find out which one's are real and which aren't. It's vital that we focus on those that really matters and not on those that are just saying things out of pity.

On instances like this listen to your heart. People can feel it if other people sympathize with them. You just need to listen and feel. Don't abandon all people because you think everyone is fake. There are actually some people who care. And those people should never be taken for granted.
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