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things that would make me cry before dont.

This might sound crazy but i assure you im not. I am 18 years old. I recently went through a stage of stress and sadness. i found out my fiance was leaving to join the army and that he would be gone for 6 months. I have never cried as much as i did then in my whole entire life. I am HUGE animal lover i grew up around tons of animals. The other day i ran into a video about dog fighting.. what would normally make me cry didn't. They day after i found out he was leaving it was like something clicked in me and made me lose emotion. Now, things that would make me completely upset before dont. I have 0 emotion or feeling to anything. This in not like me I am usually an outgoing, loving, and caring person. FULL OF EMOTION! Even thinking about things that would make me cry before dont. I know this might sound weird.. but i am so worried im changing for the worse. I also recently changed to a new birth control depo provera so i feel as if the new hormones could potentially be changing me too. Please Help! -C Question Rolling Eyes baffle Neutral
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replied October 25th, 2013
I am currently experiencing the same thing. For a while, I have been getting more used to live and it's horrible events. I am not surprised by much anymore and I expect bad things to happen to society. It is like, if two people get killed, I am surprised. It could be a sign of maturity, or it could be just that I don't have any emotion inside of me anymore. It could be anything. What could be causing this is that your body may be holding things in, and you have a hard time letting out your emotions. For me, it is hard to cry now. It could be that when we were younger, we used to cry alot, and our body is out of tears. It could honestly be anything. I would also ask your doctor about the side effects to this birth control and see if maybe the birth control is having an affect on your body.
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