after more than a month since my previous post
the one that says, i don't believe in schizophrenia
well i'm way better now
i'm in a hurry, so i'll write a short one now
and maybe a proper one, about 3 months from now because i cba
to think about these things anymore, they bore me to adjskfdasfds
things are going in sync
i seem to finally connect (ever so slightly) but still, with people
i've gone way past the cynical view of life, and screwed over the narcistic
i am very little narc now and become and feel pretty normal
though i still have LOTS of days to go by before i finally get to where i want to be
paranoia hmmm, the only thing i know about beating it, is calm yourself
and relax and fight it with sense, it works and its good,
i've come to some sense now, i finally believe
that i'm human, people around me are too,
they can't read my thoughts, i can't read theirs
although i'm still ever so judgemental, i still am a little sensible
anyway, bye people, i'll keep reading your posts
but i'll write next time, after 3 months,
byee till whenever
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replied March 14th, 2013
and of course, this is just a condition we are in
it goes if you want it to, it gets pretty hard at times
but whateever, you have to do it if you want reality
and to connect with people normally and socialise and stuff
i got my proof withing me, that i'll reach there someday
find yours
have fun xD
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