i am havin long face i want my face to look fat but not the body what to do
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replied August 22nd, 2010
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Accept what you look like...but if determined, make an appt with a plastic surgeon and see what s/he thinks...actually get more than one opinion. What does your family / friends think about your desire to make this change?

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replied January 31st, 2014
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You could wear your hair long in an appropriate style, grow some sideburns or a beard. If you don't have time or it is impossible You could stay inside and only venture out at Christmas wearing a Santa costume and beard.

Unless you have a face like a pirate's flag and everything is more or less in the right place, the problem clearly isn't your face but your perception of it.

Your body, including your face, is merely an envelope for your personality and not a fashion accessory. I advise you to adopt a more philosophical outlook and maybe avoid looking in mirrors too much and for too long. It is better to see yourself as others see you.

If you aren't force fed apples and sugar lumps by children or peppermints by old dears your face is not too long for its width...

Good luck!
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