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Thin Blood

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I have a problem with blood clotting and brusing. I'm a little nervous about it because of problems that could possibly occur if I start bleeding from a big wound our something worse. I have problems like when I donated blood, it took six hours for the hole to stop bleeding. Also, when my boyfriend kisses my neck, I automatically get a hicky. He doesn't even have to try at all. I bruse everywhere, and i'm pretty worried about it. I'm only 20, and I wanna know what the heck is wrong with my blood and how I can fix it. Do you have any answers?
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replied April 18th, 2010
My Mother in Law was taking coumidin for thick blood, now she is off the med. cause her blood is so thin. What could this be a sign of? She is in the hospital in long term. She is an 83 Yr. old woman.
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