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there was No penetration but...?

I and my boyfriend got a bit intimate on the month of 21 March this year, there was NO penetration but just dry humping where he had his shorts on and I had nothing on, he did ejaculate a bit as there wet spot tiny ones on his pant (though I wonder if sperms could enter me through his pants), after that I have had periods 6 times though the last time that I had it it was 5days late (it can be because of strees too I had an 1st year exam last month which didnt go well) but I also noticed that my flow was irregular because I had heavy flow a month the next month I had a little flow and then again heavy and then again this month i just bled for 2days (1st day being a less flow and secong very heavy and then just a bit and stopped)... on 18th April (after having a period after the episode) though I had a self pregnancy test done which was negative and am 20 years and am very sacred as I read articles about pregnancy its scarring me!! help me please
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replied September 5th, 2011
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You are NOT pregnant. Stop reading articles about pregnancy and scaring yourself!!
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