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the symptoms that brings havoc to my life now.

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This my first post so bear with me. I am 29 male in the Philippines. First my symptoms started when i am playing basketball and of all of a sudden i felt dizzy that i am about to passout or fall down, i feel that the blood or oxygen cut through my brain so i run to my home to lie down.after that incidence my symptoms got more and now some of them became 24/7 and some of them are often and some of them come and goes. Here are the symptoms that brings havoc to my life now.

dizzy not vertigo type(allday)
blurry watery eyes (allday)
tightness in the back of my head and sometimes goes through my neck (allday)
vibrating inside my body (often)
my legs are trembling while walking downstairs and upstairs (allday)
headache (often)
feeling that i might passout or falldown (often)
cold hands and feet (often)
back ache (often)
tremors (often)
tingling sensation (often)
my body feels hot then goes cold (often)
shaking and shivering inside and out of my body (often)
severe fatigue even though i did'nt do much (allday)
my buttocks also feels cold (often)
ringing in both ears (allday)
heavy head and lightheadedness (often)
chest pressure (sometimes)
sometimes its hard to walk because of my legs uncontrollably shaking
twitching all over my body (often)
sometimes my body feels i am about to give up

and now after i woke up i feel this sensation that hard to describe its like shivering to my back of my head that goes down throygh my back. I go to different doctors now and ofcourse e.r. they have different diagnosis that are that make me confused. I did some blood work and it was all normal,ecg normal. But never get a m.r.i but i did ct scan and it is intrinsically clear. I don't know what is happening to me and i am sick of tired of feeling this way. my wife already leave me with my son because of this. She said that its probably best to leave you because you can no longer work and you don't have money. its really painful. And it is hard to have a nagger wife. I don't have enough money to go to any test again we don't have insurance like in the US. Some doctors said it is anxiety some acid reflux and some have no answers. I don't know if it is anxiety because i never felt any hyperventilation. I am not an anxious person i don"t fear anything anymore. Id suffered alot to fear of dying i just want answer!. Are there any of you that feel this way everyday? is it anxiety,panic disorder even if it sticks with you all the time. Or it could be anything else like virus or auto immune. Its really hard not knowing what are disease i have. I don't know if it lyme because i don't know if we have lyme here in my country. thanks you so much.
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replied October 3rd, 2012
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There is a required proteing that most don't know about. It plays a role in over 74 diosrders and diseases. GLUTATHIONE, look it up at The National Health and Science, there just put in there search windon (Anciety & Glutathione) and see what it says. I've very helpful in my challenges.
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replied November 8th, 2012
Now I don't know what i feel its a strange feeling and weird that so hard to describe and it felt it all the time. Feeling that my body shaking internally or something because it really hard to describe. I am not anxious why do i feel this way. Lord help us who suffer with this condition
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