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The secrets of longevity! Wonderful

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According to the report:Guangxi Bama of China,a small town with less than 25 million people, but with more than 100 people close to 100 years old, and the longevity is

4.4 times of the international standard.Here six, seven-year-old is not old, eight, nine-year-old is still in normal laboring.This small town is top among the world's

five longetive cities recognised by the International natural Medicine Association.

Here you can not find one case of hypertension, diabetes and even cancer patients,Many high blood pressure, insomnia and other diseases where patients lived for some

time, actually miraculously healed.Local people said, here the poorest is the hospital, because many people have never been to the hospital even once during his life

... ...
What causes this unique phenomenon of longevity?Attracted worldwide attention, the Shanghai Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of comprehensive eco-energy

research scientists from various countries come to the secrets of longevity in Bama are as following.
1.Surrounded by mountains, lush vegetation, fresh air, slightly higher concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere for about 23%,which ensure body with adequate oxygen

supply.Bloom metabolism avoids most diseases caused by hypoxia.The air contains a lot of negative ions,average 2000-5000 per cubic centimeter. The negative ions known

as "air vitamins" or "longevity factor", can effectively kill bacteria and viruses in the air, clear the air of smoke and dust, and can improve the body's oxygen

utilization, reduce blood viscosity, inhibit bronchial spasm, and therefore cardiovascular disease and respiratory disease and treatment have a good inhibitory

effect,while we usually live in houses with anion content of only 0-200.
2.The PH value of the local river is about 8.2 with alkaline small molecules.
3.Diet is very complex, dominated by coarse grains.

It is these four basic elements that creat a unique phenomenon of longevity in Bama region,while oxygen-rich air with a lot of negative ions is ranged no1 among these

factors,so oxygen on human health effects can be seen!

Many people in modern city are in the pursuit of healthy life.They do not have a clear environment with pure oxygen.The good news is that as science develop,many

advanced scientific products like o2 concentrators,portable oxygen concentrators are invented to meet peoples' demands.
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