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The RA Diet

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Diet during Rheumatoid Arthritis (Aamavata)

Diet is one of the most important prophylactic (i.e. preventive) rheumatoid arthritis treatments. An orderly diet can just nip the pains in the bud, as suggested by Ayurveda. The following foodstuffs are potent in keeping RA at bay:-

Both sugar and salt must be reduced.

Fried and gassy foods such as potatoes and pulses must be kept at a minimum.

Fats that are consumed must be of plant, and not animal, origin.

Cut short on the intake of chilies, peppers and tomatoes.

Only castor oil has the capacity to reduce the aama. Other oils must be avoided.

At least one bitter and pungent dish must be included in every meal. This controls vata and relieves aama.

Ginger tea with lemon and honey is good when there are flare-ups of pain.


Doctors all over the world are leaning to Ayurveda for the rheumatoid arthritis treatment . This only goes to show the effects of Ayurvedic medicines in the treatment. A list is given below of the commonly used Ayurvedic herbs and their potency in the human system.

Turmeric Oil obtained from the fresh rhizomes of turmeric is beneficial as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Asafetida can be either taken with coconut oil or with ginger paste to get relief from problems with inflammatory diseases.

Garlic has been proven to have immense anti-arthritic properties. Garlic taken daily in small doses helps to strengthen the immune system and clear the aama.

Ginger is prescribed traditionally for the treatment of arthritic pains. One way of taking ginger is as an infusion while going to bed, and then sleeping with a blanket to allow perspiration. Ginger can also be applied externally as a paste over the joint.

Licorice has been used since ancient times for the treatment of all inflammatory diseases. Just chewing a piece of licorice is effective in allaying the pains.
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