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Or also known as 'The Lemonade Diet"

What do you think about it?
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Did you find any foods to "cheat" with during the cleanse?
What are your tips for people considering it?
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replied July 6th, 2010
I have personally tried the lemonade diet. I originally started it to cleanse my digestive system.
It was extremely difficult. But considering I lost 8 pounds in the first three days, I would do it again. The only drawback is that keeping up with your daily work is almost impossible. Some of my coworkers had to take off of work to complete the cleanse. The salt water flush was dreadful.. and afterwards you end up sitting on the toilet for 2 hours.
My best advice for anyone who would like to try the master cleanse would be:
- start consuming the lemonade immediately after the salt water flush
- NEVER use cold water for the salt water flush
- don't eat crap the day before you start the cleanse. I guarantee you will not last the full 10 days.
- remove any tempting food from your house
- remember to ease your way into a healthy diet when coming off of the cleanse (follow the directions in the book!)
- do not let the ceyenne pepper sit too long in your lemonade. the longer... the spicier.
- if the ceyenne pepper is too much to handle, you can purchase ceyenne pepper capsuls online.
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