I have been in my relationship for 12 years. I feel that when it comes to our relationship my boyfriend is inequitable in several aspects. Most of "Our" decisions were not made by "Us". He distances himself in almost every way. I am unable physically to work and am in the social security process with lawyer and doctor approval. He chose never to get married, never share finances, never offers me help when I'm suffering. He throws tantrums. Just this morning he waited until I made breakfast and decided to start weatherproofing the house. He yelled and raged about how little I did, to just sit there and eat my breakfast. I tried to explain that the temperature would not be getting any colder soon so I could wait until breakfast was over and help him but it would get cold if we did it now. We don't have much space and he was climbing on the only thing he could stand on to tack a blanket up. I could not get up there at the same time so there was no way I could help. He started raging, hitting the walls with a hammer and throwing things. All he had to do was wait until I finished breakfast and I would have calmly done it myself. Instead, he had to deny himself breakfast, work on it immediately and cause more more damaged than he fixed. His anger and unrelenting attitude, name calling and unreasonable demands to control everything are causing me a great deal of hardship but I don't want to give up. I'm homeless, helpless, jobless and broke along with loving him but he's even opening my mail without asking. Any advice would be helpful.
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