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The locust mentality versus irresponsible desicion making.

I agree with abortion, I wish that I would have been aborted actually, like a little shortcut out of this place if you ask me. Although my first choice would be my father and mother being more responsible and doing everything that they could to not let mr. spermy get to mrs. eggy.

And that's all that it really is, a shortcut, it's not like having the child is okay, having the child is even worse(here you go son, war, work, and death, all for you, oh and by the way, I love you).

Abortion can however screw with your body and hurt you. I've seen it happen.

Why can't more people just have responsible sex, wear a condom, use birth control, don't have those for a night, then find other ways.

I suppose the very reason for abortion is simple irresponsibility and weakness, due to the immense passion between two people making them incapable of making sound decisions.

Kind've a dumb debate really, irrisponsible decision making versus the locust mentality, who will win!? Nobody probably.

I suppose though that we can assume that people will be unable to have responsible sex, since young and stupid people are pretty much the only ones doing it anyway.

Conclusion: We must have abortion, because people can't stop playing with eachothers genitals in a resposible manner.

Another conclusion: You are both wrong, both sides of this debate don't make sense. Pro-lifers could care less about population or poverty(they also seem to be under the misconception that it is okay for an adult to die), things like that, Pro-choicers just want some lovin, and they'll probably do anything to get it, including oops! accidentally getting pregnant(but it just feels so good!).

I have a new name for this debate, the Pro-to many people and who cares and the Pro-get laid at all costs debate.
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replied May 12th, 2011
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And I would like to add that, if you are one of the ones doing everything in their power (or lack thereof) to have responsible sex and still get pregnant and want an abortion, then cheers, nobodies got anything on you. Your in fact better than the ones that have children.

P.S. "I forgot to take my birth control." Doesn't count as responsible does it?
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replied May 25th, 2011
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You do realize that almost EVERY pro-choicer (at least on this board) PUSH for birth control, right? No pro-choicer is saying, go on, have consequence-free sex, you can just abort...part of the pro-choice argument IS birth control and TEACHING proper sexual education, not just to prevent pregnancy, but also to prevent STIs/STDs. As for bashing pro-lifers, while they may indeed want every pregnancy to end in birth, they have every freedom and right to that opinion.

I am pro-choice and I am NOT some sex-crazed person, quit generalizing.
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