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The line was dark blue, Is that a positive?

I've been taking ortho tricyclen lo for 2 years now. I missed my 10th active pill which is on the 2nd week group of pills. I did not take two pills the next day, and only took 1 active pill. I threw away the pill that I missed. On the 12th day of my cycle I was sexually active. While taking my sugar pills, I noticed spotting on my 5th sugar pill. I thought my period was starting. I spotted for 2 days then I didnt get a period. I took a pregnancy test yesterday. It was supposed to give the result in 2 minutes. After I saw the control line, I didnt wait for 2 mins. I threw it away. After about 4 hours, I saw the preg test in the trash can and it had a line in the result window too. The line was dark blue in the beginning of the thickness of the line. It was paper thin, then it blurs to a light blue to complete the thickness of the result line. Is that a positive?
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replied April 17th, 2011
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A pregnancy test is most accurately read when the directions instruct to do so. If it had been sitting in the trash can, the result is not accurate.
I would suggest buying and taking another test. Missing a pill requires that you take TWO the next day to stay protected.
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