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THE both sides w/extreme mid thigh pain

My name is Jackie, I am now 26, I had both my hips replaced when I was 23, after a year of countless Dr's telling me I was fine, even telling me I was crazy and needed to see a therapist because I was making it up. After a year of horrible pain and barley being able to walk, they did an MRI and saw that I have necrosis of both femoral heads and needed replacement. Also my dr informed me they had reviewed my very first Xray a year prior and could have caught it but "I was too young and they hadn't been looking for that". So after both THR'S I had been doing okay, with some pain but nothing like I'm in now. I have very extreme mid thigh pain on my left side. I'm almost three years out since surgery and I feel like I should not be in such horrible pain. Now I'm back to square one. I had an xray done which the report reads that there may be loosening on both sides left worse than right. They did a bone Scan with dye but all that showed was some arthritis in my ankles. I'm at the end of my rope with this whole situation. I'm only 26 years old. I work full time even in horrible pain. The pain feels like the stem is being "pulled" out sometimes, and sometimes it feels like it's "pushing in" too far. I'm begging please please someone give me some advice. I honestly do know what to do anymore. I seem to be getting the same run around and the same "oh , your just making It up" looks from everyone. Please please help me.
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