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The first and most vitally important step towards any weight loss
goal is beginning a weight loss diet. There are literally thousands of
options to choose from, how do you choose a weight loss diet for
you? Here are a few basic rules to follow no matter what your weight
shape is or how much youre looking to lose, the common bottom line
is using your head and being sensible. There is no benefit from
falling right into one fad or the other. Never believe a weight loss
plan that promises instant weight loss with no work on your part.
There is no magic pill that will make you magically skinny overnight,
although there are marketers and advertisers out there who will want
you to believe that. Also, what works for one person, or a friend,
may not work for you.
Being sensible includes taking some basic rules to heart. The number
one rule when dieting, or even if youre not dieting, is to drink plenty
of water. Increasing your water intake will not only help you feel
more full, it helps clear out all the icky stuff that has been collecting
in your system, namely your colon, as it flushes out the toxins. A
happy and skinny body is one constantly hydrated.
The second rule is to eliminate all the unhealthy stuff from your
fridge and pantry so you wont be tempted to cheat, replacing those
items with something much healthier. There are so many more
options for healthy snacks today than there were even a few years
ago. But the old stand-bys are tested and true: fruits and veggies as
a snack are easy, tasty and portable. Also getting rid of high content
fatty foods, namely dairy products rich in fat and cholesterol that
takes a long time to leave your hips and thighs is also a good start.
Replacing those items with soy alternatives will start you on the
right track to slimming you down.
Despite the carb-bashing of recent years, studies show that taking in
all the right kinds of carbohydrates rich in whole grains, can actively
work with your body in trying to help you lose weight. Not only is it
better for you nutritionally, it also makes you feel full faster so you
eat less. Eating carbs is okay, even desirable on a weight loss diet,
as long as they are the right kind.
Eliminating meat products is also a good way to slim you down. A lot
of meat is advertised and marketed as healthy, low fat or no-fat, and
essential to a weight loss diet when in fact the opposite is true.
Physicians, nutritionists and weight loss counselors all agree there is
no real benefit to ingesting meat as a weight loss diet. Meat, no
matter how good tasting it can be, is still decomposing flesh that
your body cant break down, so it sits clogging in your colon.
Always consult your doctor or health care provider before starting any
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