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4th Gen ELISA negative at 28 days followed by flu symptoms

I had protected oral and vaginal sex with a high risk female with unknown status. Some vaginal fluids on my hands but I believe skin was intact. I got a negative ELISA (antibody+antigen) result at 28 days. Also negative on a panel of common STDs.

From Day 28-30 I developed low fever (99.8F), joint and muscle ache, slight irritation in the throat, and headache. Day 31-32 Sore throat only; aches and fever disappeared. Day 33-36 cough only.

My question: While I will get tested again at 12 weeks, is there any advantage of getting a repeat test at 6 weeks for peace of mind? I do not know how p24 antigen levels peak relative to the onset of ARS symptoms and am worried about false negatives in the first test at 28 days.
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replied July 22nd, 2012
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you used a condom for a reason...PROTECTION
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