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Tests disagree on kidney stone

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I went to the ER for a bad kidney stone incident in the past (14 years ago).

Then last year - April 2008 - I had severe flank pain and was diagnosed with a 7.5 mm stone in my rt. kidney. I had lithotripsy, but was unable to get any of the stone in the strainer to determine which kind of stone it is. A CT scan taken after lithotripsy showed the stone in the right kidney was gone, but a 2 mm stone remained in the lower pole of the left kidney.

This year - April 2009 - I was required to get a follow-up ultrasound per my urologist's instructions (one year post lithotripsy).

The report says: "There is a 6 mm echogenic focus involving the lower pole of the left kidney. No definite shadowing. There is a small ill-defined area of increased echogenicity involving the upper pole of the right kidney. This measures 2-3 mm. No hydronephrosis, solidy or cystic mass demonstrated."

I saw my urologist after this and he said I'll need another lithotripsy, but first I need a KUB x-ray to determine the exact size of the stones. A few days later I got the KUB x-ray.

The report says "The bowel gas pattern is within normal limits. There are no radiopaque calcifications along the expected course of the genitourinary tract. There are multiple bilateral pelvic phleboliths present. A tiny distal ureteral calculus would be difficult to exclude."

So my urologist's nurse called me with the x-ray results and said "your stones are gone. You're released from our care. Thank you!" I asked her how they were suddenly gone and she said "I don't know, but they're gone now." WHAT?

I'm so confused. Two tests one week apart show completely different results??? I asked to speak to the doctor, but he doesn't speak to patients on the phone. Before my lithotripsy in April 2008 I got an x-ray to find the exact location of the stone. I remember the doc in pre-op telling me the x-ray didn't show the stone well enough so they had to do some sort of internal catheter... So do my stones not show up well on x-ray?

Should I request a CT scan or should I believe the stones are gone??

I am so confused and I just don't know what to do. I do not have any severe pain - luckily - but I do feel some weird twinges of discomfort from time to time in my left side, but it's very minor. Last time the pain took months and months of slowly building before it got so bad i went to a doc.

Any advice for me? WWYD? Do you think the ultrasound was wrong? I noticed that both tests were signed by the same radiologist (granted they were only performed 1 week apart).
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replied September 12th, 2009
Kidney Stones?
To Baillan - or Somebody -

Can anyone answer the questions above? I, too, have had an X-ray that showed no stones (per what they told me), and then like a week later had a CT Scan that says "multiple bilateral pelvic phleboliths are present." The Order Requisition for the CT from my doctor said "kidney spot on KUB." This has caused me extreme pain at times. Oh, the x-ray and CT scan were done at different locations.
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