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testing for celiac disease amd lactose intolerance

Why would biopsies be taken for celiac disease and lactose intolerance when a blood test has already ruled out celiac disease and I experience nausea first thing in the morning well before eating any dairy products?
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replied January 31st, 2013
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Partly as the blood tests are not considered definite only indicative, also the body can expect something it dose not deal with well and try to prevent you eating it. Removing dairy from your diet will not have bad effects whatever some people say, just do not replace it with soya products as if you have a sensitive gut these can do a lot of harm. Though they may be fishing for a diagnose as they do not atuly know themselves and as they are unwilling to admit that it may be a condition of the gut that has not been classified or even relay understood, this is some times known as leaky gut syndrome. The best way forward is probably to ask questions whenever you can and not to accept a offhand or oversimplified answers, a good doctor will admit when they are not shore.
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