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Testicular Cancer Staging

Testicular Cancer Staging
Testicular Cancer
Causes and Risk Factors

Testicular cancer staging
Once a urologist or doctor diagnoses cancer of the testicle, more tests are required to find out if the cancer has spread from the testicle to other parts of the body. Doctors need this information in order to plan appropriate and effective treatment. This testing and evaluation process is called staging.

Staging exams
If an ultrasound exam, blood tests and/or biopsies indicate the presence of testicular cancer, doctors must know more about the extent of the cancer and if it has spread to other parts of the body. Doctors may order one or more of these tests, or suggest a combination of tests.

Chest x-ray - An x-ray of the chest is taken to check if the cancer has spread to the lungs or the lymph nodes in the chest.

CT (computerised tomography) scan - CT scans are a type of x-ray procedure that create internal images of the body and check to see if cancer has spread to the lungs or the lymph glands in the abdomen.

Stages of testicular cancer
The following stages are used for cancer of the testicle:

Stage 1 - Cancer is found only in the testicle.

Stage 2 - Cancer has spread to the lymph nodes in the abdomen.

Stage 3 - Cancer has spread beyond the lymph nodes in the abdomen; cancer may be present in the lungs and/or liver.

Recurrent - Recurrent cancer describes a cancer that has returned (recurred) after treatment. Recurrent cancer may be found in the original location of the cancer or in another part of the body.

Men diagnosed with testicular cancer need to regularly examine the opposite testicle for possible recurrence even many years after treatment. Additionally, doctors often recommend check-ups once per month during the first year after treatment for testicular cancer, every other month during the next year, and less frequently after that.

Determining the stage or the extent of testicular cancer helps the doctor to plan appropriate treatment. But what treatments do doctors currently use for testicular cancer? And does treatment affect fertility or sexual function? Click here to learn more about treatment for testicle cancer.

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