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testicular torrision left testical is lost

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i experienced testicular torrsion i went to the docter but he dam never dignose me the right problem i told him even that i experience sever pain but he jst never listen to it think it of an infection left testical is lost nw i m realy worried and alot of qustion come in to my mind and is also effecting my personal life and my self confidence. doctors i need to hav an artifical one please do sugest me some thing
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replied March 6th, 2012
i have an artificial one.have had it 32 years with no problems, 3 kids and a grandkid, dont worry, they feel really life like these days so no one would guess u had one apart from a little scar
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replied April 1st, 2012
thankx marveck but i need to knw that from where i gt this operation dne frm i dnt want to tell any one and i want to do this all my on..... plz sugest me the place where i can have a fake one .....
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