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Testicular pain, penile pain, groin pain

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I am a 24 year old male and have had issues of one kind or another in this area for at least 6 or more years....

I'll try to keep this as brief as possible. For the last several years i have been suffering testicular pain. It is localised on the right side though both are tender to the touch. The pain radiates up to the hip and vas deferens(the tubes up towards the pelvis). I have had several testicular exams by my GP - and a prostate exam, that was fun - and no physical problems were found. I also have had two ultrasounds of the same area. Around the same time i had a UTI, it went untreated for far, far too long and wasn't treated until it started showing blood.

These symptoms were somewhat cleared up with antibiotics - the UTI, blood and some of the pain - though the pain is still there it fluctuates in severity. A year or so ago (several since this had all started) i began to have other pains as well.These pains were along the left side of the shaft of my penis, i went to the doctor and they could find nothing physically wrong with me there. I also got prostate pain (a dull ache) but as there was nothing physically wrong there and its rare i assume its not a major problem.

This is mostly background, but if anyone knows.. (maybe i should just start fresh with a urologist?)

Why i am sending this message now (and in this forum since i couldn't get it to fit anywhere else) is new symptoms. Though only a few months after the penis pain, i developed what can only be called a 'muscle quiver' or 'shiver'. These 'shivers' lasted no more than a second or two and were fairly powerful - not enough to make the actual flesh twitch but they were VERY noticeable - they were located in the penis, and anus region. They would come and go randomly throughout the day, but not every day, and i couldn't find anything specific that caused, or prevented them. I could go weeks without any, only to have two-three days of them all the time. (i never brought this to my GM, i have no idea what i would even say, or how i would describe them)

For the last few months i have no had these problems, however for the last week or so a new problem has surfaced, this one even stranger. The last week, probably no more, i have felt - again, for lack of a better word - 'vibrations' very faint vibrations, in my abdomen and groin. Essentially the area from right above my penis - but not really the penis itself - up to my abdomen and stomach. It is not constant and comes and goes, both in severity and frequency.

It does seem that if i move significantly it will stop - at least for a moment - and even moving clothing (pants and such) away from the area for a moment will stop it for a time. In the last few hours - and what has prompted me to write this - is that it feels as if it is getting worse, its more constant and stronger, and my stomach has begun to ache slightly, as if from muscle use. I'm not sure if it is, however, ACTUALLY getting worse, or if it is simply my anxiety acting up. I'm not sure what could be there or what could possibly cause this - combined with my worse fears - to make this whole experience just another step in over eight years of issues associated with the area.

A little more background may be needed. I work 12-16 hour days online, which means a LOT of sitting down in my office chair. I am also overweight - shocker - and have anxiety among other things.. The first thing that comes to my mind is the worst in these cases. As an example, i am of course thinking of dying tissue, cancer, blood clots, bleeding and so forth. This is why i do not watch medical shows.

If i am in the wrong place, please point me to the right one with my apologies, i look forward to hearing how stupid i'm being or, better yet, some advice. I'd do anything at this point.

Thank you again

P.S. if i have missed anything i will do my best to clarify.
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replied June 23rd, 2008
I am by no needs qualified to answer any of these questions. I would like to make a few suggestions though. Take a look at your overall health and not just the problems you are having in your trouser area. Try and get a bit of exercise, eat healthily and try and occupy your mind in order you can concur some of your anxiety.

Having an untreated UTI for a long time probably didn't help much but I am sure your doctor is aware of that. I wouldn't imagine that it is the result on an untreated STD, but you may want to consider that.

Good luck
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