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Testicular pain from motorcycle crash

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Yesterday I crash my motorbike into a traffic island and during the crash my right testicle sustained impact from the fuel tank. Within the first hour it felt no different to normal/mild impact. However since then I have had dull aching pain, and fairly sharp pain if pressure is applied. The left testicle is normal but the right has become slightly larger, and also harder. I have no problems urinating. When I assess it myself, the pain mainly comes from the top and bottom of the teste (which are slightly harder), not so much the front. The discomfort continues up into my belly on the right hand side but I assume this is normal.

I was hoping that I would recover well overnight but it feels very much the same. Would anyone please be able to help diagnose my problem so I know if it is rupture, torsion, dislocation, or just a normal recovery to high impact. I dont want to a pay a doctor to tell me it is totally fine, but I also don't want to leave a serious injury untreated.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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