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testicular pain from lack of sex

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hi there, i got this problem:

When I pass a few days without having sex I start felling a continuous pain in my testicles.
it comes and goes but it really hurts! the pain is more intense has I pass more time without sex.

i've read about "blue balls" and the pain is similar, BUT it dosen't go away so easy and it comes back a few times a day.

i'm starting to fear that i am predispose to the "blue balls" pain and because i got it over and over again I end up with something more serious. Should I be concerned?
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replied February 27th, 2009
The "blue balls" is is the slang term for a congested prostate or vasocongestinon, it is a temporary condition but it might require medical attention if it becomes persistent. It is an inflammation on your balls so nothing good will came from having them like that over and over again.
The easy way to get rid of the pain is by masturbating, has you don't say nothing about that i suppose your not doing it or not doing it enough. It will help, believe me Rolling Eyes
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replied February 27th, 2009
I got a similar problem, Otis is right: nothing good come from a pain in the nuts!
I was suffering from sporadic pain on my testicles for a year or more, and I did a LOT of masturbation in the mean time, besides that I even put cold towels (with no positive results) on because Iâspam�ve read on the net that it was good for the âspam�blue ballsâspam, I ended up going to a doctor and in short terms what he told me was this:
This problem affects all men, but in most cases it is not a matter for trouble, what happen is that we all are constantly producing sperm and when aroused this process is increased. More so the problem is that some men produce sperm faster and in bigger quantities than other, so they are more susceptible of getting inflammation and congestion on their nuts and prostate, just because they get their genital organs work spontaneously more often.
The masturbation is only a temporary relief, the only thing that does help is getting a better sex life, you can masturbate all you like but it will never grant you the psychological satisfaction of a sex act with a partner, so even that in that instant youâspam�ll fell better you will remain with an unsatisfactory feeling that will drive your genitals to start âspam�workingâspam again pretty soon, and so the blue balls process starts all over again in a few hours.
Sorry man, if your condition is the same that mine thereâspam�s nothing you can do, just make an effort to get a better sex life or you can be in serious trouble.
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