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testicular pain and mood swings

i've been really emotional lately crying at the little things in films and things people say to me get me more easily. I've also been drinking a lot more to try and get away from it but i relised thats just causing me more problems. I have also started getting a real bad aching pain in my testicles but more prominent on my right side. I had this when i was younger and it was diagnosed as Mesinteric Adanitis and deferred pain. I was wondering if there could be a link between the pain and my mood?
thanks for reading all help will be appreciated Smile

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replied August 8th, 2009
I think any and all pain is related to mood swings.

I suffer chronic pain myself (the Army gave me SIJ dysfunction, torn tendons and degenerative joint disease), and although I have other depression issues, these do not help.

If your pain is persistent, it could definitely be related to your depression. Still, you should see another doctor... maybe a psychologist, too. I, of course, am not qualified to diagnose anything.
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