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Testicular cancer? getting a mild pain to the left side.

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recently i have been getting a mild pain to the left side of my groin, its an uncomftable feeling like my left testical weighs more.. its only really feels uncomftable when im active: walking & working ect.

also my testicals have sort of swelled up and went a darker colour then usual , i have done a testicular cancer self test and havent found any small lumps on any of my testi's but i have a sort of spot on the top of my penis head, and it looks like its full of a puss or some sort, this spot is located on in the top of the actuall tube you urinate from, its a purple looking on top then when i open up the slit thats when u say see the puss side of the spot. could this be an abcess or some sort? or could this still be testicular cancer?

syptoms incluce:

swelling in testicals.
loss of appetite ( this could be due to over thinking and worrying )
heavyness of one testical.
feel good after a good night sleep then when im active it kicks in.
& a uncomtable feeling in the left side of my groin.

like i said its not really painfull its just uncomftable, could this syptoms still have something to do with testicular cancer? or could it be a twisted vain or something? any help? thanks.
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replied May 24th, 2011
Your Problem
I have a very similar thing, made a thread on it: ng-around-my-left-testicle-and-groin-t2831 55.html

I don't have the darker colour or the spot but I do have the weird heaviness feeling like pressure and also the slight swelling.

I too don't have any lumps, so I'm pretty sure from what I have read it isn't cancer but never the less want to get it sorted, let me knwo if you receive an answer!
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