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Testicles Shrinking and Penile Shrinking, Micro Adenoma..

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My penis and testicles (both) have observably decreased in size since I started Androgel therapy for primary hypogonadism. I have had low testosterone since I was 11 years old, even while on the lowest doses of SSRI's. I have also had high prolactin (hyperprolactinemia) my entire life. I developed some feminine like breasts when I gained weight a couple years ago before androgel therapy, but I have made a life chance to lose a lot of weight and start testosterone therapy while watching my diet and avoiding excessive carbohydrates and fats. I have greatly increased my testosterone and lost almost 45 pounds, but I have noticed my penis and testicles are not the size as before treatment began. I know it sounds like it might be a minor thing, but I am only 22 years old almost and have been having these symptoms. I worry about future developmental issues with my sexual maturity as well as my ability to have children when I'm older from Androgel Testosterone Gel Therapy 1.62% packets. I use two packets daily in the morning total equating to 40.5 g or mg of the gel (I can't recall the units exactly). Is there a risk for me having permanent shrinkage to my penis and testicles from treatment, and thus, issues with fertility later in life? I ALSO am treated for ADHD and take TWO amphetamines Dexedrine 10mg Tablets (in the afternoon/evenings) and Vyvanse Capsule 50 mg in the morning. I understand these can also disrupt growth most noticeably in children, but I wanted to be sure to include all relevant information. My primary concern is the decrease in size of my penis and testicles. The amount of pubic hair I have has also decreased (even with Androgel Topical Gel therapy). Is it worth seeing an endocrinologist versus my General Practitioner for this? I also have a small adenoma on my pituitary gland on the left region of the gland, so there are so many things going on I am having trouble understanding it all. I am told this is not affecting my hormones, and is completely benign and stable after 3 MRI scans, but I am still somewhat worried in that respect. I am also afraid this adenoma could be shrinking my testicles and penis size as well as reducing my pubic hair and messing with my hormones.
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