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Testicles Atrophy- Hormone Therapy Concerns

It is helpful to massage the testes gently from time to time? I have heard it may assist in preserving hormone functioning within the testes and blood flow from an article I read about men with testes atrophy. I am hoping that with some lifestyle changes of better diet and additional exercise plus the massaging that I may be able to help improve some of the testes atrophy.

If that doesn't work, I am wondering if there are any sorts of treatments or therapies that can be done pharmaceutically to help improve the testes atrophy from testosterone treatment?I've had primary hypogonadism known for ~9 years, and I have been on testosterone most of the time from age 14 to 23.

My total testosterone dropped to 167 ng/dL after a 4 month cessation of Androgel medicine. The atrophy did not reverse any in that timeframe without synthetic testosterone therapy.

My doctor won't prescribe HCG or Clomid unless I am planning to attempt to achieve pregnancy with someone, and since I am not anywhere close to that stage in my life, I don't know if there is anything that can be done to help the atrophy problems.

I am well below the average volume for testes for my age as 23 y.o. white male. In fact, I am under half the average in mL, so I think it may be worth doing something about before the atrophy may get even worse with time.

The issue is sensitive to time and the longer I wait the worse my chances may be to improve the atrophy I have heard, so this is why I am asking for help since my endocrinologist doesn't like the HCG/Clomid idea.
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replied March 5th, 2019
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Long term use of artificial testosterone or steroids will usually cause the pituitary gland to sense the artificial testosterone in the man s blood and command the testicles to lower or stop producing a man s natural testsoerone production. Use of high levels of artificial testosterone for long periods of time can cause the testicles to permanently stop making sperm and testosterone. This may be the testicular atrophy you are experiencing. You might be sterile or have very low sperm production.

A semen analysis to see if you are producing any healthy sperm and testing your natural testosterone production will help determine if your testicles are still producing sperm and testosterone or if your testis have stopped functioning.
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replied September 8th, 2019
What about the testicular massage? Are you aware of any studies showing that it may help with hormone health?
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