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testicles ache after Chlamydia

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I thank you for any help you can give me in advance!
First, I should say Im male, 27 years old, first std.
I contracted Chlamydia and had it diagnosed around 2 months later. I had some discharge and aching testicles. The doctors gave me 2 sets of antibiotics which lasted one week- unfortunately, this was in thailand and the pills they gave didnt have any official name (in thai or english)- just "antibiotics" so I dont actually know what they gave me (but they seemed professional!). I finished the pills but continued to have some symptoms, particularly aching testicles. A few days later because of this I went to another doctor, who gave me oflocee (ofloxacin) tablets and flagyl tablets. My testicles continued to hurt, so I went to another doctor who gave me more ofloxacin, celebrex (celecoxib), and bronmycin (doxycycline). Ive now finished off everything except the ofloxacin and still my testicles ache and I think I may have some discharge although Im not quite sure.
I just went to a pharmacy and bought some "doxycycline hyclate (apo-doxy)". My first question: is it a good idea to take this? The problem is that Im in vietnam for tet festival and only emergency wards are open so I dont think I can easily find a doctor for 5 days.
My second question is- should I stop worrying until all my pills are finished? How serious is this- should I go to an emergency ward and try to find a doctor?
And third, what is wrong with me? Do you think this is still chlamydia? Or is it likely to be urethritis, epididymitis, or prostatitis?
Lastly, what is the risk of infertility from all this? Is it a tiny risk- like the risk of being hit by a bus, or is it something more serious and worth checking out at a fertility clinic. Im quite terrified of this...
Thanks very much!
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