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Testicle Size Low; is concerning me

I stopped synthetic testerone 4 months ago with my endocrinologist doctor. He told me it could take up to a year or more for my testicles to regain some size, if any.

I am experiencing some depression because I am frustrated that I was on testosterone therapy methods (various forms) for 4-5 years and I didn't know that it was not good for my body.

It saddens me that nobody warned me about this and now I fear permanent damage is imminent. I am very frustrated, angry, and depressed that nobody ever told me about the side effects and not even the prescription papers for Androgel I used said anything I could find on there about testicular size decreasing until I had already been on the testosterone gel medicine for 2 years.

I recently found out my testicular atrophy is pretty bad and I'm down to approximately 10 mL in testicular volume as of last May, but now I am even lower at around 8-9 mL now.

I am afraid I will be depressed for the rest of my life because of my naive actions and not being aware that all the synthetic testosterone was probably causing a lot of damage to my leydig cells and overall testicle function in the long-term.

I'm very upset about all this...
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replied September 10th, 2019
Firstly stop the worry about it. A lot of solutions are available. Just be confident and go to the doctor. Because I know the worrying condition make you weaker rather than your other problem.
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