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Testicle Backwards?

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hello, I was wondering if it's possible for my testicle to turn around and stay that way, I am fairly certain this is the case, I can feel the epididymis on the front instead of the back like I can with the other one, it has never been in this position before. It is very noticeable when my scrotum is relaxed but not so noticeable when it is tight.

The testicle is question(right one) seems to be very loose aswell, also the position seems almost the opposite of the other which hangs on a forward tilt, this one hangs backwards slightly. I am having a very mild pain at night, it seems to get this pain with my abdomen, my abdomen get's very loud with alot of gas, I am planning to get his checked soon, it's very embarrassing, this started a year ago but i've never had any sort of pain from it, it was 10 days ago when I noticed my testicles odd position and mild pain started to happen, my abdomen gets minor pains aswell, and my right leg feels wrecked at night, just tired and slightly numb.

Here is the tricky part, I have seen my doctor already, he said everything felt normal, however he gave me a number to get an Ultra sound scan, that night my lower right groin went numb, and the back of my leg started to feel slightly numb aswell. I went to A&E, the took blood, urine tests and again said my testicle is normal and sent me home. I had the ultrasound then, I don't know how they're supposed to do it, but she only checked the top of my scrotum, not the sides or under it, I dunno if that makes a difference., Results came back normal, the doctor said "I had a slight Varicocele on my left testicle which shouldn't affect me because it is minor and it's odd because my problem is my right testicle... If problems persist come back on Friday."

One of the main problems with these docters is that the Scrotum was not relaxed when I saw them so it would be harder to tell.

I am planning on getting a Urologist to take a look soon, I was wondering if you guys had any idea if this is actually a problem. I am afraid it will twist the rest of the way and become a torsion. That's why I am not going to try and twist it back to it's original position, I do not know which way it has turned. I also get lower back pain, but this is likely because the way I sit. And i've had this back pain for years.

Well thank's in advance

Edit---Forgot to mention, Doctor checked for hernia with cough test and found nothing.

Just more info on the testicle, I am fairly certain it is backwards, it is soft on front and the shape in general is just opposite to what it used to be, opposite to my left, it is also more forward than the other, when erect that is extremely noticeable, that it is further forward. It is aslso a bit tight when erect.
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First Helper BG23

replied October 26th, 2013
i do have d same problem bro, how is ur condition now
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