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Testicle ache and body ache

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Hello everyone,
I hope you can help.

I am 22 years old in healthy condition, not overweight and no previous health problems.

I started suffering with a painful ache in my scrotum approximately 4 weeks ago. I let it run its course for a few days and it didnt stop.
I therefore rang the doctors and as there were no appointments asked for a call. I explained the ache to the dr and was pescribed one cipro tablet and a 10 day course of doxy (2 per day).

The pain disapeared quickly and i was just left with an uncomfortable feeling. I then started suffering with back, stomach and leg ache. Suddenly a fever also developed and a slight ache is back in my scrotum.

They are very sensitive to me and i am struggling to get hard erections now. I therefore had an appointment with the dr and was pescrived cipro for at least two weeks - possibly six.

I think i have now discovered two very small lumps in the bottom of my scrotum (not attached to the testicles) and moveing i think.

Has anyone experienced this before and if so have you any advice please.

Thank you in advance.
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