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tested faint positive and negative, with preg symptoms?

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i have pcos (polycystic ovary syndrome) and recently reduced metformin from 3 a day to 1 a day as i was about to take the pill to try and bump start my fertility as me and my partner have had a few miscarriages over the years. (last one was november 2011)

since reducing metformin a month ago i have been feeling a lot better but very up and down with moods.
i was due on friday 9th march but no sign of period yet and feel pregnant, crying lots last week and slept for 2 days!

i took a clear blue test on saturday and it had a feint line. so tested again today with a clear blue digital and it said 'not pregnant'.

i also have very tender back, not sore but weak in places as though my muscles are weak.

could you please advise me on what is causing these symptoms, could it be just that i have reduced metformin, or could a digital clear blue be wrong.
my last pregnancy showed up as 1-2 weeks when i was a week late (so should have showed 5 weeks) could this be that i do not have enough hormone as i have read that pcos can effect preg test results.

if not do you think i am likely to come on and this is an effect from reducing meds

kind regards.
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