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Test to see inflamed colon ?

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I have been having gut episodes for about 6 months. I can feel it when it starts, usually after having eaten something, but there doesn't appear to be any one particular food triggering the attacks.

I feel my left-lower-quadrant growing larger and larger, and the pain increases as the swelling/inflammation does. Sometimes digesting noises increase during the swelling times, but not always.

The pain can be described as painful-fullness and it also burns (very hot when it's bad).

The location is always the same, right about where the colon curves.

In the past 6 months, I have had the following tests returned negative:

ULTRASOUND - of the left ovary, and left lower abdomen.
CT x2 - the 2nd one, the ER dr specifially said there was NO diverticulitis pockets)
CELIAC bloodwork negative - I have not eaten gluten in a few months when this was performed, but then again, I still haven't eaten gluten during for longer than that, and am still having very painful gut episodes (I read the labels very carefully to make sure there's no "hidden" gluten).

My first 'recent' attack happened after eating rice cereal with milk. I can tolerate cheese without episodes, but am unsure about milk, since I haven't drank it since.

My 2nd 'recent' attack started within 20 minutes of eating gluten-free beef broth with frozen spinach, and an egg stirred into it. I can usually tolerate scrambled eggs. I might have had a minor episode after eating spinach one other time, but can't remember what else I ate at that time.

I've had 2 fairly painful episodes with peas, both frozen and dried, that started fairly soon after eating them.

After OB and GI drs did their tests, the GP prescribed Flagyl and Cipro in case it might be diverticulitis (this was prior to my 2nd CT scan when the ER dr said no pockets). GP also gave me a steriod shot. I cleared up a bit, then returned to his PA when symptoms threatened to return; she gave me a steriod pill 5day pack. I've recently completed the antibiotics and steroid pills.

That one area is feeling SO inflamed that I'm scared it might perforate, but the ER nurses told me that this is extremely rare.

The PA just gave me a stool-sample collection kit (I see no blood, or black bits this entire time), and thought I should make another appointment with the GI, especially after I questioned her about whether food allergies can develop mid-life. She gave me a shot of Toradol 60mg, I had already taken 1 Anaprox 220mg prior to my appointment, but after coming home, I took another Anaprox 220mg and a Darvocet 100mg with Ensure.

What kind of test can tell how inflamed my intestine/colon is?

Is it really as rare for an inflamed bowel to perforate as the ER nurses said?

Do people with food allergies also have these symptoms?

Would removing the part of the colon/intestine that's always swelling stop this weird reaction, or would it happen in a new place?

Thank you very much
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replied June 12th, 2008

The symptoms sound similar to IBS, and trigger foods seem very random like with me.Look into an IBS diet to see if you can decrease the gut attacks.
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replied June 20th, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
Are you taking in enough fiber? Very important for digestion.
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replied April 6th, 2009
I have been really sick just the same way. I see a nature path doctor who had me do a stool test and I found out I have Cryptosporidum infection and that is causing me to have like IBS. I go tomorrow to my MD to see if he will prescribe me Alinia. You should check with your doc about that. I will let you know what I learn
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