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Test results after morning after pill

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I had unprotected sex with a man who isn't my husband about 5 days ago. My last period was at the very beginning of April and should have come again the beginning of May. My periods have never been regular as I have been diagnosed with PCOS. I am happy with my husband and I already have 4 children. I took the morning after pill 2 days after our intercourse. I have taken two pregnancy tests and they both said negative, but have been told they are not accurate until 2 weeks after the unprotected sex. If I am pregnant I will be having a medical abortion if I am early enough. I can't afford to lose my marriage and the respect of friends and family. Please help me know what to do. Can I request a blood test now and will that tell me anything? I have not gotten my period yet, but it has not been a full five days since I took the morning after pill and I don't really know when I should have had my period.
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replied June 3rd, 2009
The morning after pill usually results in a delay of your cycle. I've taken it twice for this yr and it resulted in my cycle being 6 days later then 18 days later. The pregnancy test says negative and if you're still uncertain you previously stated that you have 4 children. So you should be able to tell from other signs from your body whether you are pregnant from experience.
Also your pannicking can also result in a delay of your cycle. Pseudopregnancy can result from this so remain calm and wait for the arrival
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