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test came back with a dark line and a fairly light line?

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my gf took two test both test came back with a dark line and a fairly light line i dunno if she pregnant or not anyone know or have advice for me. also if she is pregnant anyone got father advive for me
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replied September 26th, 2011
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Get your girlfriend to repeat the test in about 7 - 10 days time. It could be that she is pregnant but doesn't have enough of the pregnancy hormone for the pregnancy test to pick up and show a strong postive result.

Support her in anyway she needs support. She's going to be very hormonal, one minute happy and the next crying for no real reason, or getting cross for no real reason. Go to the antenatal classes with her, doctors appointments and scans etc. Give her a back rub or foot rub anything that will make her feel more comfortable.

You will need to remind her (more as the pregnancy progresses and she gets bigger) that she is still beautiful and you still love her because she will feel fat and huge and unattractive especially during the last trimester.

Read books together to the baby and things so that you feel involved in the pregnancy and not left out in the side lines this happens to a lot of men.

Oh your girlfriend should start taking folic Acid now in case she is pregnant. Folic acid is essential for helping develop the nurology side of the baby and helps to reduce spina bifida.
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