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Terrified! further tests and a respitory clinic consult.

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I am 44 year old smoker. Was unwell a couple of weeks ago and coughing up phlegm and blood in it for a few days. I have a pain behind my right shoulder thats not going away. My gp sent me for a chest xray on monday. He called me on Tuesday to say that a shadow was found in my right lung and the radiologist had recommened further tests and a respitory clinic consult. I still have the pain and thinking back i have been lethargic for months and had pain on and off behind my shoulder blade. I received a letter today telling me to get a renal function test before they issue me with an appointment for a cat scan with iv contrast. Absolutely terrified i might have lung cancer.
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replied April 16th, 2016
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Jus, sometimes it takes us some adversity to wake up... but having pain does not equate to cancer. Be calm, find out first whats going on, and take steps to heal. This is easier said than done of course, but other ppl also go through this, and u can. Have courage! Find friends or family to help support u, and decide what needs to be done.
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