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Terrified and confused about pregnancy possibility

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I'm only 18 and is easily stressed over situations like such. Me and this guy didn't exactly good it, but I got fingered but still unsure if there was any semen or anything on his fingers or near my vagina. I read it was unlikely but possible to get pregnant this way. I'm still a virgin and didn't have intercourse because I was responsible and I really need my future and said no and he didn't argue my statement.

I'm expecting my period in the future sometime this week. If it comes I'm safe right? But actually I had already expected it to be here already [acts were done yesterday].

But another deal of the stress comes from the fact my mother gave me a sex talk before I had gone to hang out with this friend. I'm so afraid to break it to her if I'm one of the unlucky ones that can get pregnant without actual intercourse. I mean how do you say to your parent who trusted you ".. Hey I might be pregnant.. BUT I listened to you, didn't have sex, kept my virginity, but still ended up pregnant" How is he going to believe that. I thought about writing a letter if symptoms occur explaining a bit of the situation. I'm not scared I'm purely terrified so I can't do it face to face. Is there a way to ease my mind in the meantime?

I don't have a close friend I can really rely on at the moment and I'm too scared to buy a pregnancy test in the future so I know I'll need my mom to help me. Ohh I can't stop worrying about the worst outcome.
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