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Terrible Itchy Legs! i tried nearly everything...

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I started shaving my legs ever since I started high school around 13 I think, and recently my legs are so itchy!!!!! I have red spots everywhere!!! it's so unbearable, I scratch it everyday and it goes all red and even worse. I try not to scratch it but I can't help it, I went to the doctors for some creams and it didn't work, so I started using different lotions and different creams I could find to stop this problem but its not getting any better Sad it's red and irritated from shaving, I used different types of shavers too, I tried nearly everything. I don't know what to do now.. is there any ways I can stop this?

Thanks! Smile
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replied June 4th, 2012
Hey Dancer1996, you try creams like cortisone cream. it helps with redness, itching, and burning on areas of the body. I user it for chapped skin and dry skin as well. You can also try Benedryl, but take only 1 or 2 tablets before bed because they'll make you sleepy.
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